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Punch bag PRO


Are you the strongest of your friends? Prove it with punch bag!Releive your stress, compete with friends, get your personal punchbag!
Do you want to show that you are the strongest fighter, better than your friends? Or are you just angry or irritated and you need to hit something.
Punch bag is an action game based on your actual movement. In order to play, you need to press Start, then hold the phone in your hand and punch as hard as you can, like you would punch a real punching bag (boxing bag) to get points. While holding your phone, you can punch in any direction you want.The game will wait until it detects a punch. Be careful not to drop your phone on the floor.
Please keep in mind that sensors are not 100% accurate and they differ from device to device. If you think your phone is getting wrong results, please send an email to with your phone model and Android version and we will try to fix it.

We do not take responsibility for breaking your phone.
PRO version removes limitations and ads.With PRO version you can receive and share more points.Shorter calculation times
---Please report any problems, do not just rate 1 star if something doesnt work as expected.---

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